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The Tarina Legacy 3.1

I have been thinking about quitting this legacy, but after reading all the updates I fell in love with it again.
So, I'm going to head towards Gen 5 atleast. Off to the next update!

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Featuring sims by boolpropped , dreamaboutgold , huning and alleliua

Bonbon is still alive and Basilio is working on charisma with him.

needs more body points for Military.

And Moe keeps the house clean from rats.

Gaia's birthday is coming up. She will enter the elderhood in platinum aspiration.

Poppy's expecting the first member of Generation 4.

Darn, they really didn't more money.
Gaia decided to put this money to good use and sent it to Lora and Raffaella.

alleliua 's Jess, looking fine! I'm gonna get him some day, I swear!

Does this look like a disappointed woman? She failed at chance cards.

One day Lora stopped by. She spend an afternoon there exchanging gossip.

Emilio is soon going to reach his LTW!

At some point these two gained three bolts, which means ACR'ing all day long.

Bas brought home his uncle Vincente and the flu. Oh ou...

This is kinda serious, two are now sick...This means...

...that we have to wake Poppy up to make them healing soup before they both kick the bucket!

Full house at dinner time.

And now, baby time!

Meet babygirl Asia Tarina, who inherited her grand-grandfather Elijah's hair and eyes!

Gaia is now a grandma. She takes care of the little one as often as she gets a chance to escape from Emilio.

No no, we're are not at Nutville. It's Basil heading to work.

Asia grew up!

PT Poppy ♥

Trying for another baby.

Poppy is having difficulties with getting pregnant again. They have tried time and time again but no luck.

I do hope that eventually Asia get's to have a sibling or two.

Darn these townies... I want them all for the legacy! That's Siri by me.

Cake time for Gaia!

She's a happy little granny now.

On top of hitting 53 she got a bronze gardening badge.

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