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Clayfield - Round 5 - Never-DeCarlo

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First thing I noticed after entering their lot, was two interesting wants:

(Aden and Toby got questionable makeovers last update by Lush Mifsud)

At the City Hall, things are running like they should.
Joe handles selling souvenirs while Stripe, Honor and Damani take care of the restaurant.

Back at home, Sidley's labor begins on the first day.
She gave birth to a baby girl Joelle, who has Joe's brown eyes and hair, and Sidley's skin.
(Random Name Generator actually named her Joelle. I thought it was quite funny)

Boys finally got rid of those hideous facemasks.

Toby and Zoran keep punching each other several times a day.
One hits, one whines. Rinse and repeat.

This is the only picture of Joelle as a baby, but we all know how they look like, right?

Then Toby invited Sia over.

Even though they have only 1 bolt, Toby wanted to go steady with her. Sia fell in love with him too.

Ahem... Who wouldn't want their brother to stalk while you are making out with your girl?

Zoran was actually waiting to give Sia a noogie...

Sia also got introduced to Sidley. Toby was a bit nervous about it. Maybe his witch-mom will put a spell on her!?

Then Joelle grew up. She's quite whiny kid.

PT Zoran ♥

On day 2 Joe transported the ownership of Clayfield Gym to Toby. He is the first Never-kid to have his own business.

Okay, time to go back to work Sid.

These guys keep spying on Stripe. Not good.

Sidley hired Galen to work as a restocker.
They really need extra hands now that Magic Drops is becoming crowded with customers.

50K grant!

Good thing that Sidley got 50K, because I have plans for Aden.
Off to buy a community lot!

Toby is the only teen in the house who doesn't have a job yet. After school he works on the car.

...and takes naps.

See, I told you. Whiny kid.

On day 3 all boys went to school with their own car.

Later that day Sia came to visit.

They went on an outing, first to Honeybear's store to buy a cellphone and then to Toby's Gym.
I think Sia agrees now, that it's maybe not the best place to meet with your bf. Atleast if he's in better shape than she is!

Poor Izumi...She still suffers from awful makeover and on top of it all she now has to take training advices from a teen boy!

Back at home Aden invited Honor over and got his first kiss. Aww!

They also started going steady (with two bolts).

And now, we'll see Aden at his new business. He's the proud owner of Car Dealership.

Last picture of Joelle as a todd.

Yeah, first townie to generate with furry skin!

City Hall is now rank 7.

She keeps whining, even though Sidley was there to help her with the homework.

And then, on day 5 all the boys grew up.



..and Aden.

They all moved into the Roomies household to start round 6 with Hamilton and Emmaline.

- I decided that even these adopted boys (Zoran and Toby) are going to keep their lastname as Never. Later on I'll just separate the updates by numbers (Never II, Never III etc).
- On round 6 Zoran is going to open Clayfield's first flower shop. I was thinking about his future career when I noticed that while he was a townie, he managed to get a bronze flower arragement badge. That solved the problem, as I was already looking for someone to start flower business. Isn't it funny though, a romance-sim who owns a flower shop? I'm sure his romantic interests will benefit from this.
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