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Clayfield - Round 5 - Mifsud II

So, Devon moved out earlier on this round. Here's how his independent life started!

Soon after he moved into a tiny (and cheap) apartment, he met this lovely townie.
Her name is Lush Baron. Yes, Lush.

They hit it off right away with two bolts.

You probably saw this coming, right?

Oh wow, we're rich now!
This brings Devon's household funds to something like...200§?

Next day, after work Devon invited Lush over again.
(and saying her name makes me giggle every time...)

On day 3 she moved in.

ACR. No rhymes this time.

Devon's family aspiration is pushing through.

And here's Lush after her makeover.
She's so adorable that it almost hurts me x_♥

Now, he's happy!

Next: Quit your job.

She rolled Fortune/Family, just like Devon.

On day 4 they moved to a bigger apartment. They are now neighbors to Rocky, Hamilton and Emmaline.

Lush had to take 15K loan for her project...

...which is this. Welcome to Salon Clayfield.

First customer.


Dorris McSkittles came in and Lush offered her a job as a second stylist.

And look, no uniform fail! it's a miracle!

After about 10 failed makeovers the business finally reached level 1 and recieved 1000§ from the city.

And I thought you couldn't make it any worse.

While Lush was working, Devon visited his best friend Hamilton next door.

And later that evening...

...was time to tie the knot.

Devon invited his whole family to the City Hall, but finally only Morty made it through the ticket machine.

And here they are now. Mr and Mrs Devon Mifsud.

Day 5 was busy at the Salon.

Busy with failed makeovers, that is.

Wow, this is actually going forward!

Remember her sad little bald head? Well, Lush gave her hair back plus some bonus...

And back at home Devon was busy with cleaning. He's a neat freak, after all.

And yes. Pregnancy does make you tired easier.
Can't wait to see their kiddlets on round 6!

- Did I already tell you that I adore this lady?
- the Salon is one of the nicest businesses in Clayfield, IMO. I have so much fun playing there ^^

Tomorrow (well okay, later today since it's morning already ;P) I'm going to upload Emmaline, Devon and Lush.
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