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Clayfield - Round 5 - Charter-Mifsud

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*hits Yes*

Meet the newest familymember, Alia.

She's cute, but I still wonder why my sims buy only elder pets every time they go shopping on their own?!

Salad for breakfast.

Honeybear's small electronic store is doing better and better.

Hilary is basicly crafting robots the whole time.

and Galen are still cute.

got his secondary aspiration (random).

Then, it's cake time! Only without cakes...

There's something extremely adorable in him ♥

Devon grew up aswell.

He moved out to his own place on day 2. We'll see him soon, though.

Finally someone (in this case, Morty) has time to buy cat stuff!

Zoran Never
is still working as a stockboy at Honeybear's business.

Townie-teen who had some memorable moments before Honeybear had time to fix that toy. Haha.

Morty continues to work as a waiter at the Troii Diner, but he still helps his family business by crafting robots at home.

Honey got a makeover, and seems to like it. A LOT.

Galen wanted to buy drums. He already had 8 points in creativity, which gave me some ideas for his future.

That doesn't sound so chaotic to me!

Just to show that they sell VIDEOGAMES now! Woot woot.

I felt bad for Alia... Sims were still sleeping, when she went to ask hugs from all of them. Aww.

has a thing for ballet bar...He sneaks to work out everytime I turn my back.

Then was the perfect time for Galen to meet some fellow teens... so off to the park!

If you aren't sure how to behave in public, here's a tip from Galen.

Random teen went on flirting with everyone, but Galen didn't warm up to her.
He didn't have chemistry with anyone there :P

One day Honeybear sneaked to her daughters room to read a novel.

And then Ruth grew up.

Before we go, here's some interesting shots from the store...

First of all... ACR for teen-adult is still DISABLED! And when I checked, they were indeed interacting without ACR.
Looks like this guy has definitely set his mind to snatch Dorris from the teenboys.
Granted that it's not SO creepy as it might be, since in my game all adult townies are only 18 by default.

...aaand also Sia and Toby had something going on. Toby fell in love. ^^

All this to point out the fact, that all these interesting things seem to happen when I'm not playing. :P

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