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Clayfield - Round 5 - Bigfoot

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Hilary looks a lot different now.

Harry is as much in love with his wife as he ever was.

Their fish market got yet another good review.

Emmaline is working at the family business to gain experience. She'll need it for her own business, the bookstore.

First Pop for Hairy Daddy!
(He got abducted last time, remember?)

Tiny is still alive!

One of the newly generated townies. I think he's sooo cute ^^

Another new townie.

This little fellow is Donny.

Another new townie. Yey for skin variety!

Emma visited Hamilton's pet store to buy stuff for Donny and they fell in love autonomously.

Tired bigfoot is very cranky.

Trying to clean the shower = Fail.

Servo Worry.

I love him ♥

It's time!

Meet baby boy Rich Bigfoot.

Emma grew up.

And she expressed her wishes to get more serious with Hamilton. Yey!
Finally something serious and not just flirting with every guy she meets.

Emma is excited about her baby brother too. These two have 18 year age difference.

Time to take over the business! First Emma laid off her manager.

Then her business really started to succeed. All this in one day!

She also hired Elfreda to work as a cashier.

No Uniform Fail!!11

Harry stays home to take care of his son and the garden while Emma and Hilary are at work.

Poor Donny!


Isn't it strange that servo's can't clean the shower but they can bathe dogs?!

Uu, sloppy little man.

Harry's PT face.

I wonder how bigfoot-werewolf would look like...

It was a busy day.

Hairy Harry in the tub. Gotta love that.

At the end of day 5 Emmaline moved in with Hamilton, thus joining the Roomies household.
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