Maranatah (maranatah) wrote,

Clayfield - Round 5 - Roomies

Hamilton moved to a 3 Bedroom-apartment. He's planning to get roommates to help pay the rent. Since most of the teens in Clayfield are growing up on this round, there's surely going to be more than enough sims willing to move in with Hamilton.

He takes Bean with him to the Pet Store. Bean has his own little bed, food bowl and all necessary stuff there.

He also hired his little bro Savio to work as a restocker.

Hamilton really needed that grant, his cash is very, very limited after renting that big apartment of his.

Later he got two townie-roommates, Dora...

...and Alwunda.

There's no worries of getting any action between them, since Hamilton only has one bolt with Alwunda and negative chemistry with Dora.


Poor guy...He doesn't even have enough money to decorate his room!

Dora has some...interesting wants.

"Do I really have to live with a woman who can sleep with fish drooping from her nostrils?"

Desperate situation calls for desperate actions.

Then I noticed this. He might be on the path to his dream if he gets cought and thrown to jail!

Lunch time!

After playing day 5 Hamilton still had only about 100§ in his bank account. So other playable roommates are more than welcome to contribute to the household funds!
Tags: bacc, clayfield, gallagher, round 5, ts2
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