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The Tarina Legacy 3.0

I doubt that anyone remembers this legacy after such a long break but finally, a new update.

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So, last time we found out that Basilio became the heir of Gen 3.
Off to find a mate!

Roxalena Bee-Nova. Only 1 bolt, so the search continues.

The lot was full of women but Basil didn't have chemistry with anyone.

And at other locations at Downtown, she was the only woman who arrived.
Talk about luck.

In the meanwhile parents wanted to help Basil by greeting walk-by's.
(why is it that all the interesting townies walk by only when our man is out?!)

Violet by dreamaboutgold

...and Zia May.

After returning home Basilio took a zip from the mystery bottle in the inventory and stopped resenting red heads.
Then he found out to have two bolts with huning 's Poppy Kalinka.

You had to see this coming.

She refuced to move in after their hot date, which was no surprise.

Moe is the only kitty left in the house.

Bonbon glitched and spat seeds for hours.

maxed game enthusiasm.

Emilio is almost there = reaching his LTW.

Maxed logic for the future mayor of SimCity.

Nina would be all over this one.

Lora stopped by.

Now Gaia's ready to retire.

After Poppy moved in, they gained one more bolt!

Of course she feared the same thing. LOL


Grandkids on their way? Great!

Wall TV for the upstairs bedroom.

This pregnancy isn't easy for Poppy. She feels sick all the time.

And now: the backyard wedding.

Ignore the fact that father-in-law stares at the bride.

You better not wet your pants there, Emilio!

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