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WIP - S2 Townie Archive

I'm taking requests, so if there's some specific Townie or NPC (not the ones you can't make playable, e.g. Grim Reaper, Mrs Crumblebottom etc.), comment here and I'll see what I can do.

Also, as a bonus I have extracted some dead sims. They are cloned in Bodyshop so they're safe to use in CAS now.
All sims are packed as they are in the game (clothes, genetics and age).

Please notice, that most of the Eaxis townies are packed from the original neighborhood templates, which means that their genetics have not been fixed! Some of the Eaxis face templates are broken (e.g. template 2) which means that if you make those townies have children, some of their kids may have a different face as a child/teen than as an adult. As far as I know, there's no fixed templates for all Eaxis townies available, only for playable pre-mades.
Townies that have relationship with playable sims (like Bella Goth at PV) are packed by using meetme2theriver 's Fixed Neighborhood Templates, so their genetics should be fine now.

Downloads at my Shared Folder (



Townie/NPC Males:

Abhijeet Deppiesse (AM)
Alvin Futa (TM)
Amin Sims (AM)
Armando Cox (AM)
Benjamin Long (AM)
Brandon Lillard (AM)
Chandler Platz (CM)
Goopy GilsCarbo (AM)
Gordon King (AM) NPC Burgular
Kennedy Cox (AM)
Komei Tellerman (AM)
Joe Carr (AM)
Leo Deppiesse (AM) NPC Gardener
Orlando Bertino (CM)
Orlando Centowski (TM)
Randy London (TM)
Remington Harris (AM) NPC Maid
Ricky Cormier (TM)

Townie/NPC Females:

Andrea Hogan (AF)
Bella Goth (AF)
Brandi LeTourneau (AF)
Brittany Parker (CF)
Chloe Gonzaga (CF)
Christy Stratton (AF)
Ivy Copur (AF)
Ivy Copur (TF)
Jan Tellerman (AF)
Jessica Ebadi (AF) NPC Burgular
Kaylynn Langerak (AF) NPC Maid
Lucy Hanby (AF) NPC Maid
Marisa Bendett (AF)
Marsha Bruenig (CF)
Marylena Hamilton (AF)
Meadow Thayer (TF)
Melissa Fancey (AF)
Sandy Bruty (AF)
Sophie Miguel (TF)
Tosha Go (TF)

Dead sims:

Agnes Crumplebottom (EF)
Cornelia Goth (EF)
Darlene Dreamer (AF)
Frida Goth (EF)
Gretle Goth (EF)
Gunther Goth (EM)
Michael Bachelor (EM)
Prudence Crumplebottom (EF)
Simon Crumplebottom (EM)
Skip Broke (AM)
Victor Goth (EM)



Townie/NPC Males:

Abhijeet Cho (AM)

Townie/NPC Females:

Aiyana Dallas (AF) NPC Maid
[fake] Bella Goth (AF)
Crystal Vu (AF)
Genesis Lam (AF) NPC Maid
Margaret Howe (AF)
Renee Andrews (AF)


Townie/NPC Females:

Arianna Jalowitz (AF) NPC Maid
Gina Seavey (AF) NPC Maid


Riverblossom Hills

Townie/NPC Females:

Amy Andrews (AF) NPC Maid
Debbie Kearney (AF) NPC Maid
Nikki Despret (AF)
Regina Boyle (AF)

Belladonna Cove

Townie/NPC Females:

Amber Barthelet (AF) NPC Maid
Andrea Shin (AF) NPC Maid
Samantha Larrea (AF) NPC Maid


All 47  Downtownies included (children, teens, adults and elders)
Downtownies names and pictures can be found at SimsWiki.

Garden Club

Allyn Thomason AF
Armando Cox AM
Jill Smith AF
Joe Graham EM
Katy McGaw EF
Matthew Smith EM
Peter Sims AM
Tiffany Zarubin EF
Toby Bruenig AM

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