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Download - S2 Patches and Pre-made Sims

Since the official Sims 2 site is down (for good), I thought I'd share the official S2 patches for all EP's that were at the site.

The Sims 2 Official Patches for All EP's
Note: Base Game patch is most likely the DVD version.

Another thing. Maxis pre-mades (playable sims) for S2.
I realize that there's many sites that already have an archive of the pre-mades but since I packed all of them too, I may as well share them. (And I mean ALL of them, from all EP's including the bin families and UNI students)

***If you are looking for a Townie or NPC, check my Townie Archive**

Pre-made Info:

- All sims are packed with lots. Some of the families have been combined (see discription with each hood)

- Before using these pre-made sims, you'll need to  fix their memories in SimPE (i.e. remove all memories that include an "Unknown sim"). Using Pescado's Lot Debugger may also help ( Memories > Remove corrupted)

*Original Bin-families (= sims that came with AL, Pets, Seasons, FT and BV) are safe to place directly to a hood and start playing.
*Tricou family with Rainelle Neengia (NL) are safe to use right away, their memories have been fixed.
*All UNI Bin-students are safe to use right away. Other students (living in houses) don't have relationships for others than their roommates, but they may have memories that need to be fixed: e.g. the Ruben brothers in Bright household and frat house at SSU
* All sims from OFB (including Chester Gieke and Larson twins) need to have their memories fixed if you place them with the lot

- No ghosts and extra character data included!

-All the sims have been packed by using meetme2theriver 's neighborhood templates, so all genetics are fixed. Credits from the fantastic work with the templates and fixing genetics goes to Meetme!

Pre-made Playables by Neighborhood:

Belladonna Cove (Bin-families included)
Desiderata Valley (Bin-families included)
Riverblossom Hills (Alexandra Teatherton packed with O'Mackey's, other bin-families included)
Pleasantview (Oldies packed with Pleasants, Burbs packed separately)
Strangetown (Nervous Subject packed with Beakers)
Veronaville (All Monty's packed together)

Bluewater Village (Chester Gieke and the Larson Twins included)

Pets, BV and NL (Critturs packed with Roseland, Rainelle Neengia packed with Tricou's)
Note: Please read Specific Info about packed up Tricou's and Rainelle HERE

Sim State University
La Fiesta Tech
Académie Le Tour

Alternative links:
Pre-made's Shared Folder at
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