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The Sims 2



Default eyes: Anna's Sarhra edits on Anva's Legacy Sclera edited by me
Current default skins: New Skinset by Leh
Previous skins: December Skintones by trappingit  

Plantsim skin replacement: Vines only by Aquilegia
Alien skin: New Skinset by Leh
Alien eyes: Eagle on a pole by Phobia ([info]kinemortophobia )
Bigfoot eyes: Phobia's Bigfoot Defaults
Vampire skin: Bulletproof Heart Vampire Skin with Phobia+Anva Eyes, edited by me
Zombie skin: New Skinset by Leh
Werewolf defaults: FR's Canvas with Sarhra/Pithy eyes ,edited by nepheris 
Servo Default Eyes by skellington7d 
Default Pet Eyes - Nilou's Onomatopea Edit by me

Default Face Replacements: mixed set from Defuglified Maxis Faces by Selzi at MTS, Permanent Features by [info]trappingit  , Electric Boogaloo by Katuchan at MTS and Butterflies and Hurricanes by joedy_76 

Other Default Replacements:

Baby bottle replacement by Loverat at MTS
Dinnerware replacements by  Sumse at MTS
Default replacements for Maxis clothes and hair: sims2_defaults 
Wall Top  Default Replacement by me
Neighborhood Terrain Replacement - Greener Grass by mzcynnamon at MTS and Terrain Replacements by curiousb 
Default NPC Cars by [info]psychosim
Wooden UserInterface (UI) by Calidan at MTS
Maid Replacements - BV Housekeeper Uniforms by Atreya at MTS
NPC Defaults - Mail delivery, newspaper delivery and clerks by [info]psychosim

Freckles: niloublue , jesstheex and Pooklet
Lips:  niloublue , trappingit , xpinkyhayzx , jesstheex 
Eyeliners: niloublue , jesstheex 
Blushes: jesstheex 
Nose blushes and shadows: Simple Life , Shadysims at InSim and Pooklet (red covered nose in "Bits&Bob's" set)
Hair: pookletd_hairs  , maxismatchhairs  , trappingit ,  eatfishcustard ,remisims  , vadie , [personal profile] hat_plays_sims  , GoS , Melodie9 at MTS

Plantsim default replacement by Sadie79
PT Replacement: Favourite Faces Multi-PT by alleliua

Enhanced gameplay cameras by Tom420
Live Camera fix by CaptFalcon007


Nursery wallpapers by [info]kaputt_geliebt


Mini Cowplant (as shown in the picture) by Zedrik at MTS
Loft beds: The Grand Trianon Collection at MTS

Conversions from The Sims Stories at MATY
More The Sims CastAway Stories buy and buildmode stuff at MATY (links on post #19)

Buyable Sky (for lots): Recolors with the original object by [ profile] danicast , Edited sky with recolors by ja_viera 


Neighborhood objects: Criquette at MTS , [info]psychosim and [info]bagfran / CuriousB
Neighborhood sky: Neighborhood Sky Object by psychosim and Recolors (HERE and HERE) by nimi4 


Lighting Mod by Spookymuffin at GoS
ACR v.2 by Twojeffs at Simbology
Sim Blender by Twojeff's ^
Inteenimater at Simbology
FFS Lot Debugger by J.M Pescado at MATY
Period Hack by Smonaff at MTS
Pose boxes: Maxis animation and pose boxes
Townies and NPC's can generate with glasses and facial hair at MATY
Realistic Sickness at MATY
Community Time Project by Crammyboy at MATY
Mega College Pack by Squinge at
Lion's Base hood University hack at MATY
Lot Sync Timer by J.M Pescado at MATY
Inge's school and prison hacks at Simlogical
Monique's hacked computer, updated to AL at
Buy/Build/Inventories enabled on community lots by cathair2005 at MTS
Aging mod: Age Group Tweak by Inge at Simlogical, modified by me

and over 300 other hacks, so no complete list here. :P


RandomStuff by Hook (MATY) (configurable program to randomize things)
Random Occurance Scenarios (ROS): MATY , Katya Stevens (can be added to the RandomStuff program)
Sim Tracker by RebaLynnTS (a must-have for challenge players!!)
Trait System for TS2 by Serisims

The Sims 3


Default Skins by Ephemera
Default Replacement Eyes: Phobia/Sarhra Eyes for TS3 by Cavilez (GoS)


Slider hack: Pointed ears by CmarNYC
Awesomemod at MATY