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Clayfield - Round 5 - Troii

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Mervin still had D-.

Stripe's diner continues to be a success.
Andre is no longer the waiter and he is replaced by Morty Mifsud.

Izumi is at the end of her pregnancy, so she stays home while checking her businesses by phone.

Rocky has only two days from becoming an adult.

One day Iz couldn't help herself and she went to the baby store to work for few hours.

No idea why she got a bad review. Maybe the raporter was suffering from PMS?
(well, atleast she kind of looks like it. As do I.)

Rocky is going steady with Chey Lee. These two have been all over each other during round 4.

Happy 18th, Rocky!

I didn't even notice that they hadn't kissed yet!

And there was something else they hadn't done before..

Iz sold the baby store on day 3.
She's going to concentrate on running the Police Station now.

Stripe maxed his cooking and Rocky moved out with Hector on the same night.

Now, the 4th Troii child is about to be born!

It was a boy, who was named Hayden.
He seemed to inherit everything from his daddy.

Iz is getting her strength back by pulling weeds at the neglected green house.


And then, Hayden grew up.

Iz returned to work at the Police Station. It was about time to get those burgulars locked up!

Hello Nyx, again.

Now she's got a jail partner, the male burgular who tried to broke into the McSkittles house last round.
His name is Murdoch Quatro.

And you may have seen this fellow before as well.

Nyx: "Congrats on getting arrested!"

Murdoch is a neater prisoner than Nyx. He keeps their cage all clean.
Not that it's going to affect on his time in the jail or anything

Bad picture just to show, that Iz is keeping a record of her prisoners.

Since she was staying at the station two nights, she felt the need to call Stripe to give her some action.

She started selling burgular alarms just like Marylena did on round 2.

Looking good!

While Iz was at work, Stripe had to handle the kids all by himself.
The crawling toddler who found everything that could fit into his mouth...

...and the distressed young man, who didn't respect dinner times.

Which equals this.
Atleast Honor doesn't give him grey hair anymore, she is working from 3 to 8 PM.

He also had to call in sick the next day, to take care of Hayden while older kids were at school.

Why is it that in my game it's ALWAYS the toddlers who get the magic lamp??

A+!! You did it, Mervin!

That's good to know...Since you are already a father of 4.

The only sim in the family who can safely fix things.

Modelling trappingit 's edited dragon suit

It looked like Rocky had lost interest on Chey Lee, so he greeted few ladies who walked by his apartment.
Unfortunately he didn't have any chemistry with huning 's Poppy Kalinka.

...and same goes with slyndsey 's Penelope. Too bad! :(

Just menstrual cramps, people.

There's definitely something wrong with these two.
She doesn't always sleep in the same bed with Rocky and they both seem to ignore each other during the day.

So Rocky finds best to burry his romantic troubles by working.

- Unlike last time with Marylena, the Police Station is now zoned as community lot and Izumi stays there 2-3 days straight. She earns money by selling alarms and eventually getting grants to keep the Station running.
- Rocky doesn't have chemistry with any other available female than Chey Lee. The only ones who share two bolts with him are Sidley DeCarlo and Angeline Gallagher, who obviously are too old for him and are happily married too. We'll see next round, if Rocky breaks up with Chey Lee or if they start to invest to their relationship more. For those three days while they've been living together, Rocky didn't roll any kind of want or fear about her.
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