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Clayfield - Round 4 - Novell III + Summary

Last round Andre grew up and moved in with his townie-girlfriend Pollyanna.

This is their new house.

Pollyanna got a makeover.

This couple sure tries, with no luck.

It's about time!

Polly's secondary aspiration is Grilled cheese. Andre doesn't care about that subject.

Felix moved in too, of course.

You know those times, when the only person who's laughing at your jokes is you?

And then, off to the City Hall to make it official.

Andre invited his family to the wedding, but they all got stucked at the ticket machine. Fail.

And now, time for official wedding pictures.

Mr and Mrs Andre Dunbar

And finally, Polly got pregnant.
They must have tried atleast 15 times before this...

Andre continues to play on his spare time at Marylena's bar.
He managed to get there only once this round and got 400§.


Summary of round 4:

Births: 2 (Edison McSkittles, Ashtoreth Kosakiewicz)
Adoptions: -
Deaths: -
New residents: -
Playables: 37
Households: 9

New businesses: 1
Businesses total: 15

Taxes collected: 17 950 §
Tax refunds: 9 400 §

Tags: bacc, clayfield, novell, round 4, ts2
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