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Clayfield - Round 4 - Novell

Before we start, I want to check out alleliua 's Jes who got townified. Man, he's gorgeous!

Okay, here we go. Here's Roux heading to work with Sia.

And by work, I mean of course to teach the children of Clayfield.

Rocky: "Congratulations for being hot!"

I was surprised to see lips floating above Tyson, so I had to check who gave him his first kiss.
Emmaline? Should have known :D

No hard feelings, right?

This means, that the Clayfield Public School gets a grant of 50K!

Back at home, Gypsy bought the magic lamp to Sia.
Why is it that in my game it's the kids who get it, every single time?

She also bought Roux something worth 5 000§...a blind date.

This girl wasn't into Grilled cheese...

And she left almost immediately.

The next candidate was the Head Witch! I wonder is this some kind of witch dance?

She looves Grilled cheese (or men who talk about it). Score!

And finally, Roux has a girlfriend.

Sia is growing up soon. Don't worry, there's going to be more pics of her later.

This girl is out of control! She's wooing every teen boy in the hood. Literally!

I wonder how many boys she has a crush on now.

Teens everywhere, and Roux has a headache.

They adopted a kitty called Nestor. Now Faline has some company.

He reminds me of Garfield :D

Did you know, that you can sell back a chewed up cat toy? I haven't noticed that before.

Nestor decided that it's time to get a new sofa.

Time for gym class!

I think Sia is going to inherit his dad's business some day.

And at last, it's her birthday!

I luv her :)

Mervin needs some special attention at the class. 
He's grade right at the bottom and I really hope he won't get taken away by the social worker when I enter their lot next time!

Roux bought a pet house and some new toys.

And we're expecting kittens on next round!

Some father-daughter time.

Poor Roux got strucked by lightning.

Faline and Nestor had a discussion about who's the Cat Of The House. She won (this time).

After getting the 50K grant Roux became one of the wealthiest sims in Clayfield.
He still prefers living in a trailor though.
In his school there's now total of 17 students: 5 children and 12 teens.
He dates Lucy the Witch now and we'll just have to see what comes from it.
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