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Clayfield - Round 4 - Novell II

Last round Marylena got pregnant by miss_essa  's Damani.

Nekkid baby bumb.

"Help, that foolish man is blocking the stove and I'm HUNGRY!"

Pwetty pwease?

Damani is still working in the City Hall restaurant as a podium guy.

Nothing makes you more thrilled than a phonecall from a burgular who broke into your house when you were a child.

This is just...wrong!

This gentleman seems to have taken one too many.

Damani's OTH is Science and he really, really enjoys it.

Marylena bought a small vacation home from Twikkii Island.
Let's hope that they'll get a chance to go there some day.

Dice decided. Don't blame me.

And you know what? Damani actually enjoys talking about Grilled cheese!

Time to see the little one.

Meet baby girl Ashtoreth. I don't think she'd mind if we call her Ash.

Since neither of them had any vacation days, they had to call the nanny. She seems capable.

And then, it was Ash's birthday. Oh, those cheeks!

I'm sure she'll grow into her features later.
She's still adorable ♥

...but oh, so cranky!



That's good to know, because we may need some drama next time to stay awake :P

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