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This is my gaming archive for TS2 and TS3 pictures and downloads.
Please note that I am no longer active on Livejournal.
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My policy:
Don't claim and re-upload any of my creations as your own. Other than that, you are free to use them however you like: edit them, pack them with lots, sims or whatever. Credits make me happy :)

Games installed:
TS2: All EP's and SP's


Copied from Tumblr:

With a heavy heart I will have to tell you guys, that my Livejournal blog is now officially inactive. I know it has been months and months since my last post there and I have been delaying the inevitable, but the truth is that I just can’t afford paying for my Photobucket account anymore. Since I have over 18 000 pictures there (18 821 to be exact... and most of them for my BACC!), moving them to another photo sharing site or anything similar is out of the question. This means, that I won’t be posting anything (atleast not pictures) to my livejournal from this day forward. All download links for cc and sims archives will remain there and they will still work normally, but most of the pictures will most likely be missing. I will also keep my BACC, Legacy etc archives there, but like I said most of the pictures will disappear. This means that if you want to go read and look my older posts for BACC Clayfield or any other challenges/neighborhoods that I updated to LJ, you will need to do that before June 17th (the date when my PB account expires).

HOWEVER! This brings me to good news!!! YAY!!! :D

My BACC updates (and any other picture updates) will continue on Tumblr! I will continue posting pictures from the last LJ BACC update forward and you’ll be able to follow along with my sims lives like usual. This also makes my work a lot easier, as I don’t have to upload (and pay) my pictures to another site to be able to use them on Livejournal. For the longest time I’ve had a hard time posting anything to LJ because of all the extra work, and I do believe I can get my mojo back to posting BACC updates and other stuff more regularly now!

Once again, my Livejournal blog will still be there but it’s going to be inactive from this day forward. Any new updates will be posted on Tumblr instead.

I won’t lie... I’m going to miss Livejournal. That’s the place where I found most of my friends in the simming community, and that’s the place where I found a home for my own sims aswell. I will always look back and smile when thinking about the active LJ years. ♥ But now, it’s time for a change and I believe it’s going to be good for me. I know the commenting on Tumblr is not as involved and personal as it was on Livejournal, but we can still make it work. Right?

I would also like to ask you my friends, who I kept in touch with through Livejournal (commenting regularly or sending personal messages), to let me know what your Tumblr names are now, since I know I’ve lost some of your tumblr ID’s already :P Send me a message on Tumblr and we can find a way to keep in touch! ♥

Now, I’m going to go and prepare for the next BACC update, with pictures! Stay tuned for that :D

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